Mission Statement

Developing relationships between individuals, community groups, and business entities to provide shoes, clothing and other tangible resources to families in need.

Who Are We?

Coach’s Closet is a group of individuals who collaborated for the primary purpose of strengthening families and serving the community. This is accomplished by donating several resources to children and families in need. These items include, but are not limited to; clothing, shoes, household items, school supplies, life skills and employment opportunities. We are a 501-c3 organization.

Future Goals

  • Supply New clothes, home goods, and other items to those in need.
  • Become a global organization that provides services to individuals worldwide.
  • Provide employment opportunities for teenagers and young adults.
  • Prepare individuals with the appropriate work skills required to perform a job at a high level.
  • Offer College Scholarships and funding to those deserving.   
  • Provide families and individuals with housing and transportation opportunities.